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Easter Chocolate and Wine Pairing Guide

Easter Chocolate and Wine Pairing Guide

Spring is in the air and It is the season of Peeps, jelly beans and eggs.  Easter is the biggest candy selling holiday in the United States behind Halloween.  But for me, it is the season of chocolate!  Chocolate bunnies of all shapes and sizes and chocolate eggs!  While most people think of it as a holiday filled with kids’ candy, kids shouldn’t be the only ones excited by Easter candy!  While the little ones are enjoying the spoils of their egg hunt, adults can enjoy their own excitement by pairing their favorite Easter chocolate with wine! 

Reeses White Chocolate Peanut Butter Egg

White chocolate isn’t really chocolate as it doesn’t contain any cocoa.  However, since there are a lot of you out there that love it, I will include it.  If you are a lover of white chocolate, then this creamy blend of peanut butter and white chocolate elevates it to a something more special than a normal peanut butter cup.  Pair it with a white, sweeter wine.  Pairing it with a Prosecco or a Riesling balances out the sweetness!

Lindt Chocolate Bunny

You can’t go wrong with a Lindt Chocolate Bunny.  Smooth chocolate that delivers with consistent quality chocolate every time.  The gold foiled wrapped bunny with its red bow has been an Easter tradition in our house for years.  Lindt has established an Easter partnership with Autism Speaks around this iconic bunny and has donated over $700,000 to the organization over the past seven years.  My favorite smooth milk chocolate bunny pairs nicely with a crisp Moscato.  A perfect afternoon treat during the egg hunt!

Russell Stover Truffle Egg

Once you have bit into this decadent truffle egg, you will want it in your Easter Basket every year!  Creamy milk chocolate covers a whipped truffle center.  You will want to pair this with a smooth red blend.  Look for one with notes of cherry or blackberry which enhance the dark chocolate in the truffle egg. 

Dove Dark Chocolate Eggs

These are not a plain chocolate egg.  These eggs are solid, dark chocolate and smooth.  They are almost more “domes” than the eggs they used to be but the chocolate is the same.  You can bite into it and experience the satisfaction of a nice semi-sweet chocolate without bitterness.  This egg stands up to a bold Cabernet Sauvignon. 

Cadbury Caramel Egg

No, I am not talking about the original Cadbury egg.  This is the Cadbury egg that has a soft, gooey, caramel center with a creamy milk chocolate outer shell.  While not the original, it has its own special place in my heart.  At the end of the day, after the eggs have been found and the kids are in bed, this is the egg you bring out and enjoy with a nice Tawny Port.  It is the perfect pairing to end the day with!

May your Easter basket (and your wine glass) be perfectly paired!   Chocolate CheersTM

Keri Lauderdale Olson is the Founder and CEO of Chocolate Cork where chocolate meets wineTM in perfectly paired classes, kits and events. 

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