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Chocolate Cork is where chocolate meets wine™ in custom designed chocolate and wine pairing classes and events. Chocolate Cork “tasters” have fun learning about the history of chocolate, how to taste chocolate (there really is a method!), and get to experience firsthand a quintessential culinary taste sensation when the right wine is perfectly paired with the right chocolate.

My lifelong love of chocolate began when my mom started her own small chocolate business. At a young age, I learned to temper chocolate and create chocolate houses, suckers and even stained glass chocolate eggs. In later years, on a trip to Sonoma wine country, I experienced my first perfect chocolate and wine pairing. I knew in that moment that these two passions - chocolate and wine were something I wanted to explore and share.

Over the years, I have taught gourmet chocolate tasting classes at a local community college as well as in-home wine tasting parties. While many people have attended a wine tasting, few have ever been to a chocolate tasting. Chocolate Cork is a lifelong dream and passion for me and I am excited to share the “AHHHHHHH” moment a perfect chocolate and wine pairing creates.

Chocolate Cheers!

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